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In the1.19.10.21 version of Minecraft, the Mojang Studios team began implementing the magnificent caves.

The developers brought in an azalea tree, moss, spore blossom, light vines, and many other blocks. Also increased the world’s lower and upper borders by 64 blocks.

Glow lichens

In Minecraft , if the player has forgotten the torches on a trip to the cave, glow lichens can help.

It is a new plant species in the game that spreads across the walls and emits a faint light around it. You can also treat it with compost.


One of the most exciting innovations of Minecraft is the decorative units of azalea. There are two varieties of the plant, ordinary and flowering.

The plant in Minecraft Bedrock has two variations – young and adult. It is grown very quickly to any height by a typical bone meal.

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